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Apparently the guide isn't so "definitive", lol.

As an addition, Soviet, and now Russian, submarine classes were named by NATO after letters of the alphabet since their actual names were usually not known in the West.

The Soviet submarine class named after the letter "A" was always called "Alfa" in every piece of naval literature I have ever seen, including the esteemed "Jane's Fighting Ships". I consider that the most definitive source there is.
In 14 years in the Army, I've only ever seen it spelled "alpha." Hmm.

You gotta remember that the current NATO phonetic alphabet was created in 1957.
It had to work not only for US English speakers, but French, German, Italian, and a bevy of other countries.

Here you go, straight from NATO:



Straight from the paws pf one of our NATO allies:

To ensure clear communication, NATO uses a number of well-known formats which are in general use. NATO standardization agreements enable forces from many nations to communicate in a way that is understood by all.

I always thought it was odd, but changed my mind after doing a two year tour at NATO HQ in Brussels.

So, yes, there is the US Army way, and the NATO way.
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