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manager refusing to pay tips, withholding check.

Discussion in 'Employment Contracts & Work Policies' started by oneangryslave0, May 24, 2013.

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  1. oneangryslave0

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    I Work At dunkin donuts And A Ok a co worker of mines was accused if stealing A dollar. My manager Was showing other employees the footage of what her alleged theft as if it was some spectacle.They couldnt confirm one the camera if she did or not so they give them the job back, But the manager wont give my co worker their Tips From that Week or their hours Back. also, we receive our checks at another location on fridays, but They Say The policy is We dont get paid until tuesday. I Asked my manager for my check On friday Because i know they came in And the manager basically Said theyll get to it when they Feel.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You might want to start seeking new employment. Florida is very employer friendly. As far as employees, not so much.

    If you seek unpaid (or late paid) wages in Florida, you can file suit in a Florida small claims court, or file a claim with the Federal Department of Labor because Florida has no state agency to handle wage laws and wage disputes. Florida does not require any employer to pay an employee wages conceded to be due when involved in a wage dispute with the employee. The employee would have to sue the employer for any wages in dispute, or file that claim with the Federal DOL. (That'll take forever to resolve.)

    Unfortunately, Florida does not have any laws dictating when or how frequently an employer must pay employees their wages.

    Florida also does not have any laws dictating when an employer must pay wages to employees who:

    have been fired or discharged;
    voluntary quit or resign;
    left work due to a labor dispute or strike; or
    are laid off

    An employer in Florida may pay employees by:

    cash, check redeemable at face value without deduction or fee, or direct deposit into an account at a financial institution of the employee’s choosing, so long as the employee has consented in writing

    See Florida Stat. Chapter 532 for further legal details.

    Florida does not have any laws regarding what deductions may or may not be taken from an employee's paycheck. Florida doesn't require an employee to provide written consent prior to any deduction, either. The lack of a law prohibiting an employer from deducting monies means an employer can withhold or deduct wages from an employees pay check for:

    cash shortages
    breakage, damage, or loss of the employer’s property
    dishonored or returned checks
    required uniforms
    required tools
    other items necessary for employment

    If you disagree, its off to Florida Small Claims Court you must go. If you do, you'll also likely be seeking new employment.
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