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Kohls Shoplifter aka me (PLEASE HELP ME)

Discussion in 'Juvenile Crime, Law & Court' started by Renchingbing, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Renchingbing

    Renchingbing Law Topic Starter New Member

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    So just today I was caught shoplifting from kohls. I am 15 years old.
    Honestly I don't know or understand why I sank so low. I'm blessed and my parents love me and I'm good in school. I don't know why I did it.
    So after me and my mom checked out after shopping a lady approached me and told me that she worked there and that I knew why she was approaching me. I did and didn't refuse. My mom was upset but I tried to stay calm. There was already police there because someone had already shoplifted before me. So I was nervous and disappointed in myself. The lady made me fill out paperwork and everything and I returned the items however now I'm confused. Yes I signed the agreement saying I can't enter a kohls, but since I'm a juvenile the lady told me that After my parents settle this and pay for whatever comes in the mail, that I can go back. I'm really scared because my parents go there all the time and if I can't go inside ever... Please help me I'm terrified and don't know what to think

    Oh and also the items I stole were a value of $48 dollars.. Does anyone have an idea How much that will cost from the letter in the mail?
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  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    First and foremost, you're a minor.
    You need to talk about this ONLY with your parents, and the lawyer they retain to help you, should they choose to hire a lawyer.

    Secondly, forget all the I hate me, I'm such a wretch nonsense.
    Why you did it, assuming you did it, doesn't matter insofar as the legal process is concerned.

    Thirdly, as a minor, NONE of this is considered to be a crime.
    As a minor, you can only be delinquent.
    Minors aren't convicted of crimes in juvenile court.
    You, as a minor, can only be adjudicated DELINQUENT.
    So, rest assured that this too will pass.
    You can start today in promising yourself that you'll never do another illegal act for the rest of your life.

    Last, start by discussing your actions with mother and father.
    Work with them to right your wrongs, fix your problems, and rehabilitate yourself.
    You'll have to earn their trust, again.

    If you never entered another Kohl's, how would that ruin your life?

    It couldn't.

    If you STEAL again, that CAN and WILL ruin your life.

    Whatever tribute Kohl's demands your patents to pay, you promise mm and dad to get a job and repay them in full.

    If you can't get a job, ask mom and dad to allow you to do chores to repay the debt.

    Your life's not over.

    It's just beginning if you start again to rebuild trust and relationships.

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