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Juvenile Case

Discussion in 'Juvenile Crime, Law & Court' started by pghconcerned, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. pghconcerned

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    My son #1 is 17 years old.
    AS a 16yr old in March 2005 he was arrested along with 2 others, one #2 15 year old, and 1 # 3 18 year old.

    They were charged with Robbery, Conspiricy to Commit, and Simple Assault.

    Here is what happened:

    The 3 of them had left my house to go their hockey game at 6:20pm. Game is at 7:00pm about 20 minutes away. AS they were leaving the neighborhood, a neighborhood kid who was teasing my daughter saw them and yelled something at them as they were driving by.

    Of course Boys being Boys, my son said something back to them and they stopped the car.

    The 15 year old passenger exited the vehicle and had words with them. He is very big kid, 6-6, and I am sure scared them. My son and the 18 year old also exited the vehicle.
    During this time one of the "victims ( 2 16 Year olds) told #2 I will give you 2.00 to leave me alone. Being kids he took it and left. There was no bodily harm, no physical touching, no conspiricy.

    The 18 year old had his hearing in May, which was dismissed when the alleged victims did not show up.

    My son and and number #2 had a pre hearing in October, and the next hearing next week.
    The victims were not at the pretrial hearing either.

    We have a court appointed attorney who I spoke with today.
    She is going to try and plea this case to the simple assault misdemeanor. She feels that is the best option, not to gamble with Felony charges.

    My son has one other issue with the law when he was with a group if kids in 2004 and 1 of them took a CD from an unlocked vehicle. The case was closed with Consent Decree.

    My son did wrong, as defined by the law, but I definitely do not see this as a felony.

    He as a 4.0 student, searching on his own for college scholarships, working a fulltime job, and has had no contact with the other juvenile. He voulunteers with a youth hockey org, as coach and referee.

    What are anyones opinions on what will hapen>

    Does anyone have any suggestions/guidance


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