im out on fmla and my employer is trying to terminate me



West Virginia
Hi im out on fmla and std now about 4 weeks and my job sent me a letter saying they tried contacting me numerous times and if they dont hear from me by february 22nd the will start termination procedures. Ok heres my thing they never tried calling me or contacting me at all until the letter. I called the hr department and they dont answer so i keep leaving messages. Is there any legal way that this is illegal. I thought fmla protected my job and secured it for 12 weeks. What can i do i need help.if you want email me because this is a major company.
You must continue trying to contact your employer.

You can do that by sending HR a registered or certified letter (return receipt requested), telegram, overnight letter (UPS, USPS, FEDEX), or visiting the HR office in person to try and straighten the matter out.

Why they're contacting you would only be speculation on my part.
That said, I'm sure it's VERY important.

So, stop wasting your time on legal forums and get busy satisfying your employer.

An alternate option would be to retain an attorney to represent your interests.