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I need my case closed with cps

Discussion in 'Child Abuse, Neglect & Porn' started by Heather Casey, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Heather Casey

    Heather Casey Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hello I need my case close with Children Services in Fairfield County in Ohio Job and Family Services on the third floor it's CPS and they had me sign a release form for my baby OBGYN doctor cuz I'm pregnant and they wanted me to give them my permission to get my information from my baby doctor which is Doctor DeLong and the drug screens or clean and they're saying that it's dirty for methamphetamines and it's not I'm on Ritalin which is an ADHD medication for adults I take 1 40 mg capsule a day of Ritalin in my drug screens will make me fail for methamphetamine as well as amphetamine and they are trying to tell me that it is dirty for methamphetamine and I am not dirty for that even ask the doctor so can you please help me on how to get my case closed
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Once you do anything CPS requests, its impossible to get them out of your life.

    I just helped a family by advising them NOT to speak with CPS.

    Even when they took that route, CPS stalked them for 30 days.

    Each time one of them was accosted, they simply recited this, "Under advise of counsel, I wish to remain silent."

    CPS often has no case until they bully and badger you into "cooperating" with them, which means you're coerced into obeying them.

    I suggest you speak to a couple local family law attorneys near you.

    The first consultation is often at no charge.

    It is a great way to learn about your rights.
  3. hrforme

    hrforme Active Member

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    do you have other children? what were you originally reported for and do you know by whom?
  4. leslie82

    leslie82 Well-Known Member

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    You need to find a lawyer. You didn't have to sign anything especially a release but you can't put the cat in the bag now.

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