how do you verify an adult adoption?

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Is there a way to verify the adoption of an adult by your parents, if you can't take their word for it and don't want to ask to see the legal paperwork. My father has passed away, my mother is not mentally well, a high school friend of my sister was supposedly legally adopted by my parents 20 years ago when she was 18 years old. About the same time all family members (including her) moved far away from the original home in different directions and have never been close since. I never had a relationship with the adopted woman. I have googled this and can't seem to get an answer. Thank you.
You must verify this because


Why waste your time?

If your parents loved her, God bless them both!!!

How would you like someone trying to "verify" some crap in your past????

Yes I'm very curious. My husband had an affair with her. But these parents are actually my in-laws. The woman is suppose to be his legal sister. Its been told to us for more then 20 years, by his parents, that they adopted her. But they're all crazy and I wanted to know if I could find this info from public records or something. Why? Just because. I have nothing better to do. I'm a displaced homemaker and my life sucks. I will stop asking questions here because everyone is so f****** sarcastic. I do understrand you get what you pay for ;).
You do understand that legally, this is none of your business correct?

I'm sorry the legal truth offended you.

You're still online over an hour after you posted that you wouldn't ask any more questions. That leads me to believe you're simply waiting for someone to respond so you can attack....I do hope that's not the case.

I was waiting for a reponse so I could attack? I was simply checking if there was an answer to my question. You don't feel someone might want to know if someone was truly their husbands sister or not? Or in the context of my question, my own sister? This is a very dysfunctional family I'm speaking of and you can't simply take their word for everything.

It wasn't my intention to attack anyone for goodness sake. It was my intention to discover if my sister-in-law is really my sister-in-law or not. This affair was wrong on more then a few levels and their are complications regarding my further relations with the people who have been my in-laws more then half of my life, and the grandparents and aunts and uncles to my sons. Its pretty maddening to have photos of my husband and his sister/ex-mistress taken while they were engaged in an affair emailed to me by my mother-in-law and be told that they are "beautiful family photos", and that my next "stage of progress in this matter is to except that she is your children's aunt". There are child custody and visitation issues in question that incest may affect. So I wanted to know if I could, for my own knowledge, find out if she was legitimitly adopted or not. The "sister" claimed to my husband that she wasn't, the parents and other sibling always claimed for over 20 years that she was. I thought a lawyer may know how to do that. Thats all.
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