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How can I get my biological fathers medical history?

Discussion in 'Paternity Law & DNA Tests' started by E_H86, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. E_H86

    E_H86 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    United Kingdom
    My little boy has been unwell for some time now and he is a bit of a medical mystery. He's undergoing testing for genetic disorders and it's vital that I give all the medical conditions of any family members especially parents and grandparents. However 2 years ago I found out that the man who brought me up isn't my biological father. Unfortunately he died when I was in my teens. I have since found out who my biological father is and asked him to kindly if he would let me know of any medical conditions that run in the family. He was very rude to me and refused. In order to help my son as soon as possible I need this information from him. Is there a way of getting this information off him?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    In the USA, the answer is NO.
    In the UK, the answer is we don't know, can't say.
    This website focuses on USA state and federal laws.

    My guess is the law in the UK would mirror the law in the USA, which might be a NO, too.

    These days, you no longer need access to the DNA of your ancestors for medical reasons.

    DNA science is very advanced, and you can receive far more useful information after genetic screening than you could ever receive from anecdotal family histories.

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