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his offer for support is absurd

Discussion in 'Alimony & Spousal Support' started by nancy, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. nancy

    nancy Law Topic Starter Guest

    He petitioned for a divorce.im the respondent.i filed on time with the help of a legal office.them we were to work out the terms.we were married 28 yrs,together 15 yrs and Sep 13 yrs. I worked at a bank 23 yrs till I broke my back 10 yrs into our marriage and became disabled.he had a good job in entertainment so we were ok financially.alot of things happened that were sad and we argued all the time.i got sick from broken asbestos and mold in the rented house.I couldn't breathe,I lost my hair and teeth and 60 lbs had rashes all over it was horrible.I was bedridden dying. I had to leave the house.he didn't want to go with me. He supported me off and on these 13 yrs.ive lived low to hold down costs for him.ive done without basic needs,food,a roof overhead,a place to shower,cook sleep,like now in a cheap apmnt in a bad area and only enough power for lights and fridge.4 months without hot water (shower) a/c or heat and stove wont work eaither.im miserable. I wrote management a letter about repairs needed.they came out unannounced,I'd been at the ER sick in bed 3 wks with bronchitis from taking camp showers in my back yard.the place had no air flow and i had no recent shower so of course it wasn't smelling good in here.my x had brought over a pile of my things and my living room looks like a storage locker. They came at a real bad time.next day I got a 30 day notice to vacate. I've got 8 days left,nowhere to go,I can hardly walk,I only get SSI that doesn't cover rent and his help for now.im headed for car camping in my small taped together car that bearly runs.and in our divorce terms he offers this . 15k of his 401k that is probably worth alot more then hell tell me.and he denys a pension I know he had. & says knowing I'm disabled & can't work im 57. I'll help you for 6 months so you'll have plenty of time to get a job and support yourself! I said WHAT ! U NO I CAN'T WORK! ILL DIE IN THE STREETS! He said " the gov will take care of you" I'm just shaking mad.getting unfairly thrown out by my landlord while hes trying to cut me off from help. I dont have legal help and i dont no what to do? Idont deserve this...by the way I found his pension papers ,yes they exist 67k I believe he cashed it to pay for helping me all these yrs.wasnt half of that mine? Did I support myself? And I need tp know the 401k amount to negotiate. Hes not playing fair.what can I do?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Contact a lawyer, see if the lawyer will take your case and his or her fee out of the marital estate.

    The issue for you could be the 13 year estrangement.

    That 13 year estrangement could be determined to be abandonment.

    But, I think it best I allow your lawyer to address that with you in person.

    If you don't get a lawyer, you'll be steamrolled by his lawyer.
  3. ElleMD

    ElleMD Well-Known Member

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    Well for starters, I'd get a lawyer. You are probably entitled to spousal support based on the length of your marriage. It is unclear why you have spent however many years living as you do as you were married and the assets joint. You can find basic information here Divorce or Separation - divorce_or_separation_selfhelp

    Were you legally separated at any point or just not living together?
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  4. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Now that the divorce has already been filed with the court you can subpoena the financial records from the custodians of the pension and 401(k) accounts.

    Check with the "legal office" that you mentioned. Maybe they can help you with the forms and instructions.

    Beyond that, I do agree with Army Judge, that you somehow have to get yourself a lawyer.
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