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Health insurance

Discussion in 'Employee Benefits, Pensions' started by Mickey071, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Mickey071

    Mickey071 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I've been with this company almost 5 years. They only offer insurance to full-time employees so I've worked full-time for over a year. I asked several times in Jan, Feb, march, April, and may "when can I get insurance?" I was told that I had to wait to receive an email and then call the number in the email and then from there an appt would be set to enroll. I followed all the steps asap after receiving email and may 16th was appt date to enroll. I showed in priority health system may 30th and deductions started June 9th for $52.33. After the third week of deductions the company started taking out double the amount. I called and told them not to do that. I told them that I never agreed to more than $52.33. The said open enrollment was may 1st and I had to pay back to that date even though I wasn't offered insurance at that time and was also told that I would only pay $52,33 weekly and that there was no backdating.

    This company makes paycheck errors weekly so almost every week I receive an additional direct deposit to correct the errors. So they started taking out $104 out of (friday paycheck )first paycheck and then for additional money owed (tues paycheck) another $104...so in 6 weeks taken out was $680.00 on insurance dues.

    The labor & wage dept with state says that they cannot deduct anything without my signature, which they do not have. I verbally agreed to $52.33 weekly.

    They also put the wrong hourly wage on my stub and correct it by paying me miscellaneous money and never correct stub.

    My paystub has around 9 different hourly wages because I get different wages depending on case I work but Ive never worked for this particular wage and even though they did pay me, I want the stub corrected. It's $3-4 lower than actual wage.

    This company also never puts holiday pay on stub. Instead they give time and 1/2 regular pay to full-time employees.

    I'd appreciate all the help I can get with these issues. Especially the insurance. I was actually in priority health may 30th and allowed to call to enroll the 16th. $680.00 is 13weeks of insurance so even if the backdated it it is only 20 weeks.

    They've also stopped scheduling work for me and have cancelled shifts last minute so. Am getting under 30 hours a week for a month now( after I told them that I called the labor &wage board)

  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You can best help yourself by seeking a new, stable, steady, regular job.

    There's very little that the state can do for you QUICKLY, as in time for you to regularly pay your rent, food, utilities, car note etc....

    Help yourself first, deal with your unscrupulous former employer later.
  3. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    I have a different view on the matter. Please keep in mind that I have worked in employer-sponsored benefits for almost 40 years now.

    First of all, under IRS regulations changes to employee benefits, including new enrollments, can only happen during an Open Enrollment period, with benefits starting on the new plan year, or on the exact date of an IRS-approved qualified event. If you make elections as part of an Open Enrollments the benefits start on the first day of the plan year; if you make them as part of a qualified event they start on the EXACT date of the event even though there is a 30 day window in which to make them. In NO case do benefits start on the day that you make the election. You DO owe premiums back to the original start date. It's a shame that you didn't understand how the process would work; perhaps the materials were not written clearly. But it is not "unscrupulous" for the employer to follow IRS regulations.
  4. ElleMD

    ElleMD Well-Known Member

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    Also, what is listed as the rate on your pay stub is irrelevant. Most payroll systems can not handle multiple rates for multiple jobs on the same check, while including the details of each. There is likely a default that shows on the check. I have many employees in this situation. What matters is whether or not you are being paid correctly, not what prints on the stub.

    Enrolling in the insurance was giving approval to deduct the premiums from your wages. Here is a link to the federal law 29 CFR 3.5 - Payroll deductions permissible without application to or approval of the Secretary of Labor. See (d).

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