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So I was just fired from my part time job waiting tables after getting into a verbal argument with one of the bosses. These guys are notoriously bad about handing out paychecks and currently owe me several. I was just wondering if there is a specific amount of time by which they're legally required to pay the money they owe me? I live in Connecticut. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer.
In CT, if you are fired they must provide your last paycheck on the next business day after your last day of work. If you quit, they have until the next regular payday.
thank you, cbg. One more question, since I don't trust these people by half: if they don't pay me (not that I'm going to hassle them on the first day), what are my options?
If they do not pay you according to the law, you can file a complaint with the state DOL.
You may have further legal rights as well as the back wages. The employer can not fire you for asking for your wages. That is retaliation contact a lawyer.
The poster was not fired for asking about her wages. She was asking about her final payment after she was already fired for getting into a fight with her boss.
Good point poster was the fight concerning wages?
just wondering, in the same situation as well.EXCEPT i live in raleigh NC.
i heard that its a goverment law that they may take take up to 72hrs. is this true.i have tried to find laws for NC but cant seem to find any.i know its a right to work state.

any answers would be nice as i will be leaving NC as soon as paid in full.
thank you for ur time.
In NC, final pay is due on the next regular payday, regardless of whether your termination is voluntary or involuntary.

BTW, right to work means you cannot be required to join a union in order to get work. It has nothing to do with the termination of employment. Perhaps you mean employment at will?
Florida Laws

What are the laws in Florida about the time frame you should be paid after being fired? Thanx in advance for the help.
Florida is one of the few states that has no laws regarding the timing of final pay. Common law would suggest that you should be paid no later than the next regular payday after your last day of work but there is no statutory backup for that.
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