fired on medical leave

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The law does not prohibit termination while on medical leave. The law only says that IF the leave is covered by FMLA (not all leaves are) that you cannot be fired BECAUSE you took FMLA leave. Even FMLA does not grant you absolute immunity from termination, and if it's not FMLA, it's not protected at all.

That said, even if we assume this was an illegal termination and that you will receive a judgement, there is no such thing as an "average" payout. Depending on the exact facts and the area of the country, you could be looking at anywhere from one dollar to a million. There's a WHOLE lot of wiggle room in there.

So I wouldn't be counting my chickens until there's an actual judgement in your favor.
With the little information we have & even if we had more, there would be most likely no way for us to know what you might receive. As noted above, there is no "average".