Fired from Walmart!

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I was employed with Walmart since 2005 and on 11/06/08 I was fired.
I had "NO" clue what was gonna happen later that afternoon until I was asked to go with one of the Asst. Managers.

I started with the company as cashier then became a Customer Service Manager then transfered to a new store in Dallas, GA.

When I was trainned as a CSM I was told that customer's can come in and price match with other stores and they did not need the ad from that store.

The only time they needed the ad was if the item they wanted to price match was from one of the following dept's: Electronics, Photo, Sporting Goods, TLE, Hardwear, Garden Center.

On 10/30/08 I went to the store to do some grocery shopping and I had my price matches written down on my list and which store had that price (that was the only thing we needed to do was tell them what store had it at that price).

I didn't always get a paper so I would go on the internet to the stores web-sites and get the price matches that way. 'Never had a problem'

When everything was rang up I then used my discount card and got $2.34 off.

I then paid for my groceries and went home went back to work on Sunday was off Monday came back Tuesday and worked Wed.

Went in on Thursday as I always do and started working on changing everything from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At about 1:30-2:00 one of the Asst. Managers came and got me and we went to the office.

There sat the District Manager or whatever his title is for Loss Prevention and he ask me how I was doing and I told him 'I don't know at this point why don't you tell me'.

He ask me to have a seat and proceeded to ask a number of questions pertaining to 'Price Matching'.

Question's like: How would I handle a customer that wanted to price match something and they didn't have the ad and I told him that I was trained to let the customer have it unless it was from one of the speacility dept's.

He ask me several other questions like that and I answered them with no problem.

He then pulled my receipt from the Thursday before and started asking who had some of the items for the price that I was price matching with and I told him.

He then said 'I am going to challenge you, do you have the ads'?

I told him no because I didn't always get the paper and I would go on internet and get my price matches that way because I didn't always get a paper.

I also told him that 'No one' had informed the rest of us that it had changed to where you needed the ad.

He told me that the store manager would need to talk to me and I ask him if I was getting fired for this and he said he didn't know.

I knew that was a lie because of my past experience when ever this came into the store someone was getting fired.

He told me that it was up to the store manager if I was getting fired that was not true due to the fact that this man told the store manager if the associate was to be fired or not.

When the store manager came in he ask me the same type of questions and I gave the same answer's.

I ask the same question 'Am I going to lose my job'?

He responded with 'I have no choice my hands are tied'.

He also told me that this was what they called 'Theft by Deception' and that is what I was fired for.

I ask them to show me the change for the 'Price Matching' and he couldn't because he didn't have it.

I received my seperation notice only.

I called a friend of mine to find out if they paid her unemployment and she told me 'No' they denied it.

There so many other things that go on in this particular store that nothing is ever done about and the associate remains employed.

Please help me.
Unfortunately, there was nothing illegal in your posting regarding your separation. Apply for your UI and see what happens.
The action was legal and yes you did commit "theft by deception". I know someone somewhat familar with LP polices and procedure and it was Store Manager's call to fire. The DLPM may have pushed it but its was SM's final call. If fired for theft your UI is likely going to be denied but file anyways and appeal. Your inability to prove the price changes hurts you as well. Are you being prosecuted? If not maybe you could resign rather than be fired for theft? It will remove chance of UI but a firing due to theft is long shot at UI anyhow. Think about it carefully
Hello, I am a cashier at Walmart. I have a pretty good memory of Walmart Policies and it says that employees are not allowed to ever price match within their own store.
Thank you, frio, but since the OP started this thread over three years ago I suspect the situation has been pretty much resolved by now.
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