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    Hello, I am in Missouri and I was hoping for a little help. My son goes to his fathers every other weekend and always comes back to me dirty and a lot of the time he is in the same clothes I sent him in. He really does not like to go and I have not recieved Child support in six months. I was just wondering if I could cut off the visits for my sons sake or if I would be in legal trouble for doing that. Please let me know and Thanks!

    Part of the MSA was we would each keep our cars. Both car leases are in her name. All the paper work(Registration renewal, Emission information ect.. goes to the lease company and then to her address. The problem is she does not give me the information and this leads to difficulties like expired registration. Cooperation with this is not her strong point and the lease will be ending in March. I can only imagine what the turn in of the car will be like. What can I do?
    I had a large question and hope someone can answer it. Please help me, i am a bright kid with a great future ahead just did something really stupid thanks....

    My name is Stanislav. I live in Santa Clara County, In San Jose CA.
    My friends and I were really bored and did something really stupid. And now i am here asking for any help which i can get.

    Tuesday morning we went out to an appartment complex and we were checking for cars which were unlocked to get small change and nothing greater then that. We found only one car which was unlocked and the other two cars my friends cut open soft tops. I know this was not the smartest things to do. We are all really good people which happen to make a big mistake which can cause failure to us in the future.

    What happen was when the alarm went off we all ran, the 5 of us. Two of us got away from the security which notified the police right away. My friend and I ran not to far and the other 3 got caught. All they had on them was a knife, a few pens, and a glow stick.

    When i went back to see if they got caught, not having any stolen property on me and a new set of clothes one of the cops asked me what i was doing and i told him that i was looking for my car. He told me that there was a burglary going on and he just wanted to make sure that i was not part of it. So he asked me where i was comming from and all that other stuff and i told him i was just looking for my car it was parked somewhere in the apartments.

    When he asked the security guard to come and see if i was one of the suspects the security guard told them 100% sure that I was not part of the group he saw, and that they were all asian.

    My phone went off as a text message and the cop asked me who it was and asked me if i can show him my phone. When i asked him if he can legally look at my phone, he put me in an arm lock for no reason and told me there was an investigation going on and asked me for my phone after he let go of the arm lock.

    I gave him my phone but my phone was LOCKED with a password. He told me if i dont give him my password i was going to go to jail. So i had to unlock my phone for him and he read the text message from my friend which said DID YOU FIND THEM YET? can he legally use that against me, Also can he put me in an arm lock if i didnt do anything wrong to his knowledge.

    They put me in hand cuffs and told me that if i dont cooperate with them then they will bring me to jail, he had me show him where one of the cars was. He told me that if i showed him they would let me go. Then out of no where we started going to down town, STILL NOT KNOWING MY RIGHTS, They told me that i had to write an APOLOGY Letter to the owner of the cars or to whom ever i want. So i told everything except the car tops which they later found.

    Can somebody please tell me what i can do. I was in Jail for 4 days and bailed so i can do anything in my power to get my self out of this bump in my life.

    My questions:
    *Can they really take my phone with force like that"?
    *Do they have to read me my Miranda Rights?
    *Can i trust the Public Defender?
    *Can they use what was on the Cell Phone?
    *Can they use the "Apology" letter against me?
    *What can i do if i cannot afford a Lawyer?

    With out the phone there was no way they can link me to the crime until i wrote the confession letter not mentioning the soft tops.

    I got 2 felony Charges

    1)Burglary of 3 counts
    2)Vandalizm of 2 counts.

    I already know My friends and I want to pay restitution to the people for their soft tops, but can they use any of the info i gave them because without my cell phone they cannot link me to the crime.

    Please help me out, i know what i did was wrong. Thank You so much for your time
    Parole issue

    Texas jurisdiction
    Dear Presutin, here's the whole story: In '92 I was charged w/Indecency a child. I went to trial and was found guilty of a lesser charge included of class c misdemeanor assault (22.01 texas penal code) and got a $500 fine. In '94 I was railroaded on a Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge and given a 15 year term for a car I helped buy. I spent 6 1/2 years in prison and during that time nothing was ever said about the indecency charge. However, after 2 years of regular parole, the parole board put me on a sex offender caseload and expected me to abide by the conditions thereof. They could not make me register as such since there was no conviction. I have never committed a sex crime so I am not about to let anyone treat me as such. I have been in and out of jail and prison on parole violations because I refuse to sit in a therapy group with people that have committed such heinous acts. Parole tells me the "Colman Law" is there authority but I've tried to look it up and can't find it. Nor can I understand how a state can pass a law that goes against the constitution. I am currently trying to file a Habeas Corpus in my own behalf because I cannot afford legal counsel. I need all the help I can get and will appreciate any you can provide. You can email me at
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