Fired for being Falsely accused of stealing? What can I do?

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This year in May I would have been working with this company for 20 years! All the years worked I have been responsible for closing the store and as per mandatory company policy I was to night drop deposits daily, and never untill March of last year when I was transferred to a new store/ new bank did I have a problem with deposits not clearing the bank. So in March of 2012 according to bank reports they never received 2 night deposits that I made in their night drop box. I was questioned about it and explained I had taken them. So then in July I was told by my boss' boss that they had determined it was a bank error to not worry about it. So I take my vacation late March of this year to come back to work in April and again my boss' boss shows up and tells me he was firing me for those missing deposits! 1 year later!! So i took my final check left. I applied for unemployment and was denied because apparently he told the unemployment office i was fired for stealing, which i never did! When unemployment questioned him about why he waited a year to fire me, or why the police was not involved he made up a story saying his boss was a friend of mine (which was true) and didnt let him fire me at the time (by this time this boss he referred to had been demoted of his position) so that is why he had barely done it this year. Only when he came to me to tell me not to worry because it was a bank mistake, his boss had already been demoted, therefore he lied! Now i have to go to an appeal and i dont know what kind of action to take, he had no proof of course that i stole the cash, the deposits never showed at the bank but i did take them, basically it was my word against the bank and of course they believed the bank because they never make mistakes right???
Aside from that there is nothing else that they have against me to accuse me of such thing, please help!??
Tell your story at the appeal. Tell the facts, just the facts. In the end, it'll be the bank's word against yours.
The question I'd ask the employer in the hearing is "if it wasn't a problem then, why is it a problem now?"
Just tell the truth (that's all you can do & stick to the facts) - you tell your side of the story & the employer will tell theirs. A decision will then be made. They will decide who they believe the most.
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