Facebook threats and harrassment

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Hi, I've been receiving death threats and other forms of harassment from an individual on facebook. I know this person well, it's my brother. He is livid over an inheritance I received.

Again, the person doing this is known to me and again, sending me death threats and physical harm threats. i want to report him to the police and get a restraining order.

My problem is, brother is in California and I'm in a small town in Idaho. My local police dept., well, sucks. I'd prefer not to deal with them. Could I just go ahead and contact California authorities?

Block them? That's how you stop online harassment. If your brother is in California and only threatening you online, BLOCK HIM and then the harassment stops. Change your number if he calls your number. Then it all stops.
my brother. where do I start? He was facebook harrassing his ex wife, threatened to kill her new live in boyfriends dog. It was ignored and ex wife blocked him, like you all suggest. He proceeded to drive across 3 states and did just what he promised - killed the dog in front of his ex wife and kids

Still think blocking him of facebook is the thing to do?

Then go file a police report. But calling the police in California won't do much. Good grief you've been given information on options.
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