Ex has the kid living with my family yet collecting child support from me!

It i unclear why you haven't been paying support since the birth of the child you knew was yours and why YOU didn't push for a paternity test knowing you were sleeping with her at the time she got pregnant. It is also unclear why you would risk having a child with someone who is as horrible as you claim, but that is water under the bridge now.

It isn't clear why the child is being raised by your mother and not you. You had your chance in court to argue that support needed to be modified but you failed to show up. That is not your ex's fault. Likewise it is not clear that you have ever sought custody or your mother/grandmother have sought guardianship of the child. Right now, it appears that Mom has full custody and as such, she is entitled by law to support for that child. Along with that, she gets to decide where the child physically lives and spends time. It doesn't have to be with her and any financial arrangement she might have with the caregivers is between them. You, as the father, owe support until a court says you no longer do. Being as you skipped the court case the court only heard Mom's side of the story and again, until you or your mother file with the court for custody/guardianship and it is awarded by the court, the mother is entitled to child support.

CPS can not change custody as granted by a court. They can not alter child support. They can remove a child living in an unsafe environment, but it sounds like the child is not living in such an environment.
I thought actual attorneys gave advice on here. I must of misunderstood.

Read the disclaimer at bottom of every page. Its very unlikely you will get an actual Attorney and if you did does this person practice in your area or this area of law. The people here (dinging myself) are volunteers most are NOT Lawyers. We speak from own experience or simple Google search. Actual legal advice comes from an Attorney not a website. We can speak from our own knowledge but no one here can or will give you legal advice sorry. In my opinion you need to go back to court to one enforce current order of visitation and second have your support money go to who is actually caring for your child. Without a new court order nothing will change