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I was pulled over for speeding in Kane County, IL. When the officer asked why he pulled me over, I replied "no" he then asks for my license and registration. He then asks if I had anything to drink, I reply " a little" He then asks for me to step out of the vehicle to perform field sobriety tests. At this point I state without speaking or having my lawyer present I will not say or do anything at this time. The officer tries to get me out again and I have to restate this, he then finally asks me to step out as I will not be doing any FSTs and place my hand on top of the car. He then arrests me. At this point I am taken to the squad car and then to the police station where I remain silent and refuse the breathalyzer , knowing I will have my license suspended for 12 months instead of 6 but after 30 days I can drive with a MDDP. I received my first DUI in 2004 and completed 12 month supervision. My question is what are the odds of a possible plea bargain with the prosecutor?
In your case, and under the circumstances you describe, I'd give you about a 1% chance of getting a plea deal you'd like. You should be working with YOUR lawyer. Take any and all questions you have about this sordid affair to your lawyer. You're in a very big pickle.
Odd that you already have a plan of action for dealing with this DUI. Is driving impaired something you do often enough that you actually have a plan of action to deal wioth it? That's ... uh ... scary!
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