Do i have to be subject to forced family therapy

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Adopted children run away, he has since been placed under DCF care. After family was investigated the rest of the children were closed and no abuse in the home. Plan is to put him in a foster home.

DCF insists on subjecting family to family therapy to try and bring the child back. the child has clearly stated he does not want live in this home. The threated to sue the parents if they do not attend family therapy.

Do they have a right to do that?
DCF is asking the family to go to family therapy to try and bring the adopted child back. The family feels they do not need the therapy since the other four children are okay. The child's behavoiur has been categorized as normal teenage behaviour, but DCF feels the need to put the child in foster care becuase they do not agree with the decisions the parents have made to deal with the family issue.
Running away from home is NOT normal teenage behavior. Something is very wrong. If Mom and Dad are burying their heads in the sand because the other kids appear "fine", they should not expect the authorities to do the same. You have an adopted teenage runaway and parents who think all is well because this is normal and the other kids haven't run away yet. I wonder if they even hear themselves speak as they try and rationalize this. Every kid doesn't have to be affected the same way before there is a huge problem. The runaway clearly had/has a problem and as a minor with a problem affects the whole family, it makes perfect sense that DCF would insist on family therapy before returning the child to that home.

Contrary to the belief of those who find themselves on the wrong side of DCF, but the goal is to keep families together. There are not enough foster homes as it is. DCF is certainly not looking to pull children from stable, loving homes with no problems into an already taxed foster care system just for fun.
DCF has assessed all th other children and the child in case and they see the trouble is with the one child. The parents have institued rules in the house that this child does not want to adhere to since his fellow children at school are not subject to such rules. The rules to give you just a tip are in reaction of what the child was doing. Doing Porn in a home with other minor children and exposing them to it is not normal teenage behavoir like other people are projecting it.

The child insists on living with his friends and does not want to come home or he wants to come home with his demands met. Why should the parents be the ones to blame for a child who wants life his way?
Parents set reasonable rules and expectations but if the child is just going to keep running away, that suits no one. It would be unusual for a child alone to need therapy. The usual protocol is to engage in family therapy. A child in need of help is a burden on the whole family and the parents especially. The whole family needs to learn how to help and support this child and cope with the challenges that come with a family member who has mental health/behavioral issues. If the family is unwilling to do this, nothing is going to change if the child is returned to them. Taking a "We aren't the problem, he is" approach is only going to exacerbate the issues and make it that much harder for the child to remain in the home successfully.
Thank you for your advise, I will pass ths on. you put it more clearly than DCF who just threats to sue if parents do not go to therapy. But can the parents be forced to have the therapy if they do not it willingly?
They can be ordered to do so by a court and or not get the child back until they comply with DCF's recommendation. One would hope they would be willing to engage in any recommended therapy to provide a better home and supportive environment for their child, whatever it takes. If they must be forced into it, I don't hold out much hope for this family.
It will serve parents best to comply with DCF wishes (or demands if you will) Therapy will NOT hurt the family. It could help turn teen around. It can also show DCF (via therapist reports) that the renegade teen IS the problem and refuses to try to get better. As stated DCF's job is to unite families not tear them apart. Whether or not they can or have the power to sue over this is not really the point (see more about DCF below) its about healing the family. Once more therapy will not harm anyone and could help heal ALL members and especially the troubled youth. If there is a chance to save him then its the parents obligation to do so. Forget worrying about the threats or whose fault this is just attend the therapy. The rest of the family may seem fine but trust me this has caused some damage and therapy can help that as well even if the teen in trouble refuses. Do this for the family!!
If what the poster has shared is accurate, the wayward teenager requires immediate medical and psychiatric intervention.
Once his issues are quieted, assuming that is possible, the rest of the family might want to consider family therapy.
However, until MORE is known about his wayward ways, its best to isolate him from the rest of the Krewe.

The family, absent the wayward teenager, could seek individual and family therapy.
I'm sure the other children have been infected, or at least exposed to the deadly PORN virus.
It is those dear children who require help first.
They are the true innocents, being forced to see (perhaps) the bizarre, disgusting, perverted, filthy world of PORN!
They could refuse. Child will be put into state foster care and parents required to pay the bill. Unlike child support, Foster Care can be very, very, expensive. Based on this I would guess about $2200 per month.
Mentors Receive:
*$1500/month Tax-Free stipend
*Quarterly clothing allowance for the child
*Free medical coverage for the child
*Excellent, ongoing professional training
*Individual and group clinical support
*24 hour emergency response
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