Do I have a legal case


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Do I have a wrongful termination case?

The employer had not disposed of medical waste for months, they wanted to keep all the facility waste right next to me in a closet.
It took 2 days to get it removed from my person and was moved to the basement.
This frustrated a supervisor and resulted in that supervisor throwing a bio waste container at me.
That supervisor apologized in front of ceo for actions
Two days later HIPPA was breached due their poor setup which caused a female patient to see a male patients penis.
Making management aware sent the same sup who threw the bio can back to tell me that my room had too much oxygen in it.
I then went back to mangmt to make them aware I was still being harassed and Intimidated.
I was told that I am not a good fit for the company because I insist on using words Like Harassment and Intimidation
What could be legal outcome if I have Proof
What could be legal outcome if I have Proof

I suggest you discuss your concerns with at least THREE licensed attorneys in your county of residence.

I'll reserve comment on the substance of your posts because other responders will offer more substantive responses than I would.
did you report any of this to Human Resources, OSHA, HIPAA compliance or the EEOC? You say the waste issue went on for months, but that it took 2 days to get it removed "from your person"? What exactly does that mean?

One specific incident won't make for an intimidation/harassment claim usually. Especially since it sounds like the employer corrected the behavior (and you got a public apology). Your manager still has the right to correct other performance issues like if your room actually had too much oxygen in it....

Using hyper-sensitive words like harassment and intimidation will raise the hackles moreso that explaining what happened from your perspective and letting the employer deal with it if it falls under the legal definition of either. But were you actually terminated?
What you describe isn't a HIPAA violation (not HIPPA). It isn't clear why a container was thrown at you, though you received an apology. The above poster is correct that is you complain a lot and especially if you go around incorrectly crying harassment (which has a very specific meaning under the law) you aren't going to be very popular and it would be legal to terminate you. Frankly, it sounds like this might not be a good fit. While you can't be legally terminated for reporting certain legal violations in good faith, generally complaints aren't protected.