Divorce wife who came on sponsorship with PR from India

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I am a Canadian born citizen residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I got married to my wife who is an Indian born citizen in March, 2020 in India. She just received her COPR in April, 2022 and flew to Toronto, Canada on May 13th and is living with me since then. Things are not going so well in our relationship and I want to separate from her. I am currently living in a house with my wife, parents, brother and his wife. Currently both my parents and myself are on title on this house where we reside. I wanted to know since she is legally entitled to the matrimonial home, how much would she be able to get since the house is under 3 people (myself, mother and father)? My brother and his wife and child are also living with us here, my sister in-law also came to Canada on PR last year in March from India and has been living with us since then.

Also I believe I am responsible for her undertaking for 3 years, how much would I have to give her for the undertaking? We do not have any children together, she is not working but I am. Is there anything else she can get from me if I decide to divorce her (eg. financially).

At this time she did not want to divorce or leave, but I really can't handle the day to day issues she raises which are really no reason to fight or ruin the environment for everybody, it is getting very difficult, before she came to Canada, we also had regular arguments on the phone which at times almost made us separate but did not do it as we made up (happened several times in the last 2 years).

Thank you in advance!
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