Can my husband adopt my daughter if we can't find bio dad?

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Okay, this is simple....basically, I have a daughter who will be twelve years old this year and hasn't seen her biological dad since she was three. Her biological dad has never paid child support and hasn't been in touch with her since she was three and has never really made the effort to see her. I was always the one that would take her to visit him. He has never been around for her or been there to help me out. He and I have never been married and we stopped seeing one another shortly after I got pregnant. I married just before my daughter turned four to a wonderful man who would more than anything to be able to adopt my daughter and she wants him to be able to adopt her. I have tried to find her biological dad and have been unsuccessful in doing so. Apparently Child Support Enforcement has been unsuccessful also. So basically, we would like to know how we can go about my husband being able to adopt my daughter without having the stress of trying to find her biological dad. Is there a way to do this?
Contact an adoption/family law attorney in your jurisdiction.
Adoptions are very time consuming and very expensive.
Why not save the money for her college education, or a trade school after high school?
He's already her dad, and from what you say, a damned fine dad, too.
He's also just as great a husband to you, too.
No court, no adoption can do what the three of you have already done: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
You have the family you wanted, no government document can top what you already have obtained.
Laws vary by state but yes its time consuming. Contact a Lawyer see if "substitute service" is permitted in your issue.
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