Can I get temp child support during divorce?

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I am currently in the beginning of a divorce (I filed my counter petition and answer). My soon to be ex husband does not help support his two minor children. He is in the military and his command is of no help, he may send 100 if that a month and that twenty just started. We have been seperated since nov 2012. I am in desperate need of help and was curious if I can file for temp child support
You can do two things.
One. You can contact his commanding officer. You can do that by letter, in person, or via telephone.
You advise his CO of your pending divorce, and ask him or her to assist you with getting the service member (soon to be former spouse) to support his two children and you during the pendency of the divorce matter.

The kids are entitled to continuing health care, OX a d commissary access (as are you); and access to other base dependent services and activities. That means ID CARDS, and DEERS accuracy.

The CO will get you squared away temporarily. You can also contact a local attorney, and a good attorney can see to it that he helps (or pays entirely) with your attorney fees out of the marital estate funds.

You can also contact FL Child Support, and they'll get chid support addressed for you, too.

Get busy, and good luck.
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