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Benefits and discrimination

Discussion in 'Employee Benefits, Pensions' started by Frances Magee, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Frances Magee

    Frances Magee Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I need to know who do I turn to when I have talked to my boss about him not paying me for 16 hours when the clock feel off our wall a year ago , he has payed the to white employees but have not payed me , I’m Black he also gave them there raise up front when the young man was hired three months after me and his girlfriend the same day as me , the raise he promised me I never got but the Qwaitireua for the raise I meet every one of them , not only that both people are younger then me and never worked I have experience with seven years under my belt .
    I have contacted HR and they will no longer respond to me , no one has called me or sent me anything dhowing me if I’m wrong or not , also he hired me to work 21 hours a week but in my vacation he only payed me for sixteen hours but he payed all the others there full pay, from the time I started working with this company my pay checks has been wrong but yet no one has taken a look at them to see what I’m talking about but yet his boss daughter works with us and every time she is off for what ever the reason you see a paper in the office for her to sign to get her money , I’m not understanding why do I have to be all stressed out over my money I’m a disable 57 year old lady on a fixed income all I’ve asked for is for him to look and see where he owe me and no one seems to care and yet again he did not pay me for 8 hours again two weeks ago .Calling out for help
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    When an employer in Florida fails to pay an employee wages earned, that employee maintains a right to those unpaid wages under both state and federal law.

    Florida's Department of Labor does not enforce the state law.

    An employee's only recourse under state law is to file a lawsuit.

    Before filing a lawsuit for unpaid wages in state court, the employee must send a written notice to the employer detailing the claim.

    The notice must state the wage to which the employee is entitled, the hours worked, and the total amount of unpaid wages alleged to be owed.

    The employer has 15 days to respond to the notice and potentially resolve the claim.

    Only when that time has passed can the person file suit in a Florida court.

    Lawsuits can be complex and time-consuming.

    You may want to consult an attorney.

    If your lawsuit is successful, the judge may award wages and court costs plus reasonable attorney's fees.

    You also might start seeking new employment.

    Hint hint hint...
  3. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    Florida does not have a state department of labor. Wage complaints need to go through the US DOL or else by filing a civil suit.

    Racial discrimination claims can be reported to the EEOC.

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