Back Child Support Enforcement Both Parents Now in TX, Order from CA


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Hello All -
I'm wondering about pursuing back support in TX for old orders from CA. When order issued, ex lived in CA and I was in NV. There had been garnishment, but he lost his job. For years we had a mostly cordial arrangement, so I signed a temporary waiver that specified "while he was unemployed." He and I both relocated to TX in the next two years. He had another order with garnishment for older siblings which took significant income from his new job in TX and verbally requested a deferral. I estimate the balance to be $10k, neglecting interest. I have docs to determine exact amounts.

I had never considered the requirement of reporting to employers of child support orders. He has worked for the same company since relocation and apparently our order was not reported. I have made periodic requests for money, but not pursued for a variety of reasons. In unrelated matters, we both have dealt with family and financial hardships, and help has gone both ways when needs were critical. I had extensive family attorney fees to pay from outside this and that was enough to make another case feel radioactive.

I am going back to school and don't have funds for another case now anyway. Can I go to the DA for enforcement in TX? Is a change of venue needed or can it pursued as-is?