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Discussion in 'Child Support' started by Kerry Chatman, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Kerry Chatman

    Kerry Chatman Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My ex-wife was awarded alimony of $500 a month.After I filed modification it was terminated. I was unable to attend the divorce hearings because i was incarcerated the rears totaled $23000. The judge never credited the alimony from the date i filed the modification til it was awarded. I have w-2 from the year of the divorce which they didn't make her show. How do i get the $12500 in credit she owes me.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You'll need a lawyer to assist you.

    This is not something you can achieve alone.

    You should endeavor to gather all the documentation you can collect to assist in proving your assertions.

    Without proof, this will only further frustrate you.
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  3. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    Why do you think she owes you "$12500 in credit"?

    Here's what you've told us:

    1. On some unstated date, the court ordered you to pay your ex-wife $500 in alimony.

    2. On some unstated subsequent date, you filed for a modification and the court then terminated your obligation to pay alimony. You didn't tell us whether the court simply terminated the obligation on a going forward basis or whether the court made the termination retroactive.

    3. On some unstated dates, you missed some "divorce hearings" because you were incarcerated, but you didn't tell us what the purpose of those hearings was.

    None of that compels the conclusion that your ex-wife owes you "$12500 in credit," so please explain that.

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