Airline Carrier: Wrongful Termination?

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My jurisdiction is: New Jersey

As a flight attendant with this company just over 3yrs and the other just at 10yrs both clean records we was working a red-eye (overnight) full flight apprx 200pax. At approx 3am local time while sitting on the flight attendants seats in the very rear (backs against the entrance) a non-working employee (capt) approach the rear of the aircraft and rqst for water myself and another flight attendant complied.

When WE landed at our destination our working capt asked us if we were sleeping in the back?. we bother throughly denied and in shock ask to why would u ask that. he replied well "the non-working capt approached the flight deck stating that two flight attendants were sleeping in the back. totally shocked at the matter we denied again as well as told the working capt that we had other non-working flight attendants in the back with us as well so clearly NO one was sleep.

Approx 2days later myself and the other flight attendant was called into a meeting were we were removed from duty pending an investigation about that flight stating the non-working capt states we were "sleeping on the rear aircraft floor with blankets".. we slightly chuckled in shock as this seems ludacris as flight attendants dont even like cleaning things on the floor.. yet alone SLEEP on the floor. however we were removed from duty for approx a week.

a week later we were then called for another meeting and was terminated because "the company" contacted a passenger who ALLEGEDLY stated "she stepped in the back for a glass of water, and the flight attendants appeared to be "on break" she did not want to bother us so she proceed to the front of the aircraft where there were more flight attendants and ran into the (non-working) capt who she thought was a flight attendant at the time.. he then approached the back requesting for water and this is where the story changes from the flight attendants sleeping on the floor to " the flight attendants where sleeping on the jumpseat with blankets over their head".. never were anyone but management avail to contact or listen in to the alleged conversation with the passenger.

Dispite the other witness such as the other (2) non-working flight attendants in the back with us the (2) working flight attendants in the front as well as a dated/time photograph picture of one of the flight attendants around the alleged time we were "sleeping" is it possible to sue for wrongful termination and defamation of character?

In addition when speaking to union representation there have been (2) seperate cases were a flight attendant was actually observed sleeping on the job and was never even placed on termination WARNING yet we were accused and was terminated. do you think we have a valid case?

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A wrongful termination does not mean that you were fired for something you didn't do; it means that you were fired for a reason prohibited by law. The law does not prohibit your employer from firing you because he believes you were sleeping on the job, even if he is mistaken.

What does your union rep say? You may have additional rights in your CBA, even if it's not technically a wrongful term under the law.
There are different steps taken with the union.. management have already declined the first 2 steps of re-employment in the first meeting with management I was present and in the response letter from the meeting it was stated that I didnt make eye contact with management which convienced her that i was in-fact sleeping, or not being truthful.
Any recourse you have is going to be through the union, I'm afraid. Have you filed a formal grievance?
The union should bring it to the adjustment board, unless you are reinstated prior to that during one of the other steps. Even if you were snoozing that hardly rates termination.
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