My husband is on my daughters birth certificate. He has been there since day 1 and is continuing being the best daddy. Her sperm donor came to see her a couple times after she was born and hasn't asked since. I really want my husband to adopt her. I don't think her sperm donor would give his rights just to be an ass. He threatens all the time he will take me to court but never does so and has never asked me how my daughter is. My husband went to him when she was little and had a talk with him before she could even say daddy because he didn't want to confuse her even though he was raising her. I just want to know if he can adopt her some how??

Thanks, Allie
As long as a child has two birth parents, no one can legally adopt said child.

This, however, is the man you chose to impregnate you.

The court won't criticize or second guess your choice.
So sometime between the conception and birth, you broke up with the father, met and married another man, and the other man signed the BC? If that is how it happened, other man is her legal father as a child born to a married couple is presumed to be that couples child, regardless of DNA. The only caveat to this is the actual biological father can file in court to overturn the presumption of paternity. It sounds like that never happened.

If the marriage took place after the birth, right now daughter dearest only has one legal parent, you. Either guy would have to file for paternity with the court, or adopt her legally. Bio dad has no current legal right to her.