Abandonment Laws?

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My sister-in-law is hoping to adopt her husbands 6 year old daughter legally, and would like to start the process in the next few weeks. The birth mother has not been physically (hasn't seen the child since she was 13 months old), emotionally (no visitation, no phone calls, no contact), or financially (no child support) supportive to the child since then. My brother said he thought there were child abandonment laws in Minnesota, that if a parent has not supported the child in those ways for X amount of time, their parental rights can be terminated. Is this true? If so, what is the amount of time they have to have been abandoned? Where can I find more information on child abandonment laws in MN, and parental rights termination in these situations?

Are you sure you haven't posted elsewhere today?

Because funnily enough, we had the exact same scenario posted not a couple of hours ago on another board. Does the username "jelocin" ring a bell?

Just wondering.
Hmm, okay, you want information on child abandonment in MN. Just Google that phrase (or any other) for a rapid response.

Google can help.

Google is genius.

You'll get lots of information.

The hard part is knowing which answer is correct.

I'll help you with a general construct.

The adoption being sought just ain't gonna happen.

Why, you query with a puzzled look?

Go on Google it and discover this sweet mystery of the law!!
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