A lot to do with little money.

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I live in Texas and my ex-boyfriend is in prison for sexual assault of a child. He has been in jail since August 2010 and has not seen our 19m old child since May 2010. I got married in February to the man that has always filled the part of father and wishes to legally adopt her. Her biological father is giving up his rights willingly and I need to know if there is a way to handle the giving up of rights, adoption, and name change without having to hire an attorney. I will do what is necessary, but we do not have much money to spend.
The baby's bio-dad will discover that giving up his paternal rights isn't easy. You will too.

Hire an attorney, or forget the adoption idea. Adoption in many states is very complicated.

Whatever you do, don't try to erase the bio-dad. Many experts suggest that really screws kids up mentally, because the truth will be eventually uncovered.

The state will also weigh in on this, especially if you've ever received welfare or food stamps. Why? They wanna make sure they get paid back. Currently, bio-dad is on the hook for that.

Good luck with your plan. I hope you get it work for you.
Agreed - adoption is NEVER a DIY project.

Even if all parties agree.

There's no rush, so you can save up and hire an attorney.
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