employment law

  1. P

    Intentional Misrepresentation/Employment Fraud?

    I believe that my case can fulfill the elements of intentional misrepresentation/fraud. I have been trying to get employment lawyers to take my case, but five of them so far declined with no substantive reason given (only that they were overwhelmed with cases). Maybe I am supposed to focus on...
  2. S

    Can I be terminated because of my wife's custody agreement?

    I work as a software engineering apprentice at AWS. I am part of a special program that trains veterans and under-served populations to become a part of the organization with a formal education. Our CEO had a change of heart about allowing people to work from home and it is now an official...
  3. J

    Arrest record disclosure

    Is it illegal to not disclose arrest record to existing employer if that arrest occured during employment (not an event before joining)? For context, arrested (DV Assault 4) and released the next day on personal cognizance; charges were filed; criminal case is pending. If not disclosed, can...
  4. Wethepeople

    items at your possession belonging to ex-employer (who is responsible)

    Hi everyone, I was unbale to find any threads/articles pertaining to this particular situation so all inputs are appreciated. This may further fall under Civil, Employment or Criminal Law so I apologize if it maybe misplaced. My question is, If for instance you hold certain items that...
  5. R

    Your failure to prepare is not my personal emergency

    Seven employees of ThedaCare decide to work for another hospital. There is no non-compete in place. ThedaCare asks for a temporary injunction to stop the workers from starting with their new employer, Ascension Hospital, after the employees turned down counter-offers from ThedaCare. Full...
  6. R

    Contract Question--right of Company to communicate agreement obligations to other potential employer

    I've been given a research consulting agreement to sign which has the clause: "Company may communicate the obligations contained in this Agreement to any other (or potential) client or employer of Consultant." This gives the company the unqualified right to proactively and for any reason share...
  7. S

    Missouri 1099 wage garnishment

    Can anyone help me cite a case which holds that a creditor cannot make an employer garnish the wages of a 1099 independent contractor?
  8. StewRob

    working from home

    Hello. My employer declined my request to work from home, which is fine. But, what if some other people from the same department(same job requirements, same job title, same office) work from home?
  9. G

    Received letter determination/right to sue

    hello About 18 months ago, I left my job due to a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment (a few slurs were uttered to me in a department heads meeting was the main part but there was more). I hired a lawyer originally for a demand letter that the company declined so my lawyer steered...
  10. N

    Technology used for Privacy Invasion and IIED

    I’m seeking to hire an attorney that is licensed in both Missouri and Arkansas for multiple issues regarding over 2 years of illegally and secretively invasion of privacy with phone(at a minimum since Sept 2017 possibly before to current) surveillance and even computer, non financial fraud...
  11. J

    im under the age of 18 and underpaid

    I am a 15 year old high school student and i have been working for about a year at a friend of my parents, the entire time i have been paid under the table at or below 6.25$ an hour, no member of my family has addressed this so far and i am looking for any help on the topic
  12. A

    I resigned from teaching in September before school term started, school is asking me for money

    Hi, I am a graduate training teacher (unqualified teacher) I left school without notice for personal reasons and work related stress. I left during summer holidays before the school term started. The school is asking me to pay them 4 weeks of my salary pay to their account citing payment in lieu...
  13. J

    So was I an employee, or not?

    Hello all, I am hoping someone can point me to a more definitive answer to this question than I have been able to find in my own searching. I am in California. In 2018 I began to work with a couple of people who were starting up a business that I had great interest in. As a self-funded...
  14. Houston Fuel

    Deceptive Hiring - Do I have a course?

    I have a Ph.D. in geosciences plus many years of working experience beyond that. I was offered a research job by an oil company for a position required advanced degrees in Field A. The job description listed 4 job responsibilities, including 1. support existing research; 2. technical service; 3...