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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication Recieved liscence after MIP, laws?

    I don't know. I think it is still suspended. If you work or drive to school the judge may restrict your license for awhile so you can still drive certain hours. Ask someone so you don't risk it. Also, call your DMV and give them your drivers license number and they can give you the status of...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: DUI, DWI First time DUI - NJ

    Get a lawyer and discuss plea bargains. The judge might be easy on you since you have no previous record and give you an easier sentence and drop a few charges. Good luck.
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    Allowed to undo non-paid server work?

    Check with a lawyer, some give free consultations. Here's what I think. I bill invoices and ours say: "If payment is not made as agreed, Sellar can remove said equipment/materials at Sellers expense." etc. If they sign it and do not pay, we send a letter (certified) that lists the number of...
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    Fake ID

    The chance of someone calling the cops depends on where you are, how old you look, how convincing you are etc. You may think you have a good fake ID but chances are you will get busted if not the first time you use it then the 5th time. Don't chance it. Don't press your luck. It is not worth it...
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    Fake ID

    Hello. Yes, you can get arrested if caught with a fake ID. My friend got arrested for a fake ID. It is a misdimeaner at least in Idaho to use one. If they find out you made it it could be considered another misdimeaner or felony. I'm not sure, she (my friend) just got busted for using one (she...
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    Criminal Law MIP-Can I still travel to other countries?

    I found this on a passport website under Canada: Anyone with a criminal record (including even misdemeanors or Driving While Impaired (DWI)) charges may be barred from entering Canada and must qualify for a special waiver well in advance of any planned travel for further processing, which may...
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    Criminal Law MIP-Can I still travel to other countries?

    I got a MIP 3 years ago. I am a U.S. citizen. I would like to know if I can get a passport and travel to other countries or if I need a lawyer to get a passport. I did not go to jail, just paid a fine got my license restricted and thats it. I am 21 now and want to go to Mexico or Canada. I may...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication MIP. Can I still be a veterinary assistant?

    Hello. I have a MIP. I know if you have any criminal backround you can't be a cop, doctor, lawyer or join the armed forces. You can't work with kids or the US postal service. Can I still go to school to be a veterinarian/coroners assistant? I think I can. I just don't want to waste time and...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication Possession of More Than One License First Degree Misdemeanor Court Date 12/21

    Hello. I had a MIP a few years ago. I was scared, didn't tell my parents, didn't get a lawyer. I was very stupid about it. I paid the fine, got my license restricted (now its renewed) and now I can't go into the medical feild or law enforcement or the army. I would get a lawyer. The judge willl...
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication MIP destroyed my dreams forever?

    Thank you so much Carl. I'll try to get it expunged and I also won't do anything else wrong and hopefully no one will care too much about it. Thanks again.
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    Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication MIP destroyed my dreams forever?

    About 2.5 years ago I got MIP. I had a sip of beer at a concert. I got ticketed, went to court, pleaded guilty, paid the fine and left. My license was restricted for a few months and my license is fully renewed now. I am worried. At the time I could have gotten out of it and lied and said I...