Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication MIP destroyed my dreams forever?

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About 2.5 years ago I got MIP. I had a sip of beer at a concert. I got ticketed, went to court, pleaded guilty, paid the fine and left. My license was restricted for a few months and my license is fully renewed now. I am worried. At the time I could have gotten out of it and lied and said I wanted to join the Navy or something but I didn't. Now I want to go to school to be a coroner or an coroners assistant but I don't think I can because of this MIP. I know I screwed up. Thats why I need help to see if I can make it better with any hopes of becoming a coroners assistant. Is there anything I can do?
A minor in possession charge should not hold you back from any career as a coroner. It is a low level misdemeanor (at least, typically), and is not that big of a deal int eh great scheme of things.

Depending on the laws of your state you might even be able to get it expunged. Even if not, it should not prevent you from much of anything as long as it was isolated and there are no further problems.

- Carl
Thank you so much Carl. I'll try to get it expunged and I also won't do anything else wrong and hopefully no one will care too much about it. Thanks again.
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