Alcohol & Drugs: MIP, MIC, Intoxication MIP. Can I still be a veterinary assistant?

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Hello. I have a MIP. I know if you have any criminal backround you can't be a cop, doctor, lawyer or join the armed forces. You can't work with kids or the US postal service. Can I still go to school to be a veterinarian/coroners assistant? I think I can. I just don't want to waste time and money and not be able to.
Thank you for any advice.
It may depend on the state, but a minor in possession charge should NOT prevent you from being a cop, doctor, lawyer, or joining the military. I doubt it would have any effect on becoming a veterinary assistant, either.

If you are still worried, contact your state's appropriate licensing agency and ask them.

I think you are worrying for nothing.

- Carl
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