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    Real Estate

    My husband owes back child support, which he is paying on. If I get a mobile home. Could for some reason his ex come in and make us have to sell? We have been renting for 20 years now. I think it is time for us to have a home. I have 3 children with this man. I think it is time for a home! I am...
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    The check I had wrote was my own checking account. The chack wrote at the time would have been covered. There is no telling yet when they ( Diamond Shamrock Corp.) ran the check through my bank account. The chack was wrote over 4 months ago. I am now just getting a letter from the Corp. lawyer...
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    My question is- How many times can a check be ran through your bank account?
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    Spouse paying child support

    secondwife- spouse paying child support My question is- Does the State of TX have the right to take out back child support payments out of my husbands Social Security. He will be 71 when this is all paid up.
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    Workers Compensation

    I have been having problems with my hand. I thought it might be the way I was sleeping on it. Or something I was doing wrong? All I knew was that it hurt more and more later in the week. Waking me up at night-in pain. So, I reported it at work, went to the doctor. They diagnosis was Carpal...
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    What do you do when your boss tells you-"If I get a call about giving a reference. I will tell them you drink and do drugs". I need to know what can I do? There was no witnesses to this statement. Do I have a legal foot to stand on with this statement. Another employee was told the same...
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    I had twins 19 yrs ago. We were able to keep one of our sons. The other son we had to give up for adoption. In this case we were told by DHS of Austin Tx. We had to come up with an extra $2000 per month to take care of our other son ( the one we gave up). Both boys were on Medicaid. I am...