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I was currently working for a well-known company as a cashier.Before I start off by telling what happen I wanted to let people know that this was my first time ever handling money for any types of businesses. so i had to have addition help with everything it wasnt that i didnt know how to count money i was just having some trouble. but anyway, once i first started my draw came up short because i mistakely gave away the wrong change. the cash register was different to me but when you needed change you were supposed to put in a certain code to get the change, then you were supposed to put the money in your register bag. Well i had been working there for just a little bit over a month and I just found out the correct producere for getting change. so before then I would just get the money out of the register put it under the machine so as the customer were walking past the couldnt see the money and it wont get stoled. But the other day they called me in the office and told me they have me on camera stealing the money, which is not true. I asked if i could view the tapes they refused me. I got up in walked out because I couldnt handle them labeling me as a thief. I just dont know what to do because I dont want to just leave this alone in they believe that i really stole the money. i want to get a chance to prove to them that i was wrongfully accused of stealing the money. I really need help because I dont want something like this to be on my record then i want be able to get a good job. so if somebody out there that can help please do some. thank you
Sorry, but if they believe you were stealing money they are entitled to fire you for it. They are not required to allow you to "prove" your innocence.

Why didn't you ASK what the correct procedure was?
I didnt know that there was a right way until one of the managers showed me how to do it so before then I honestly thought that was the right way. Now do I still get my paycheck for the two weeks before then. I just dont understand how they can accused me of stealing in me not have a chance to voice my part of the story. I honestly dont care about being fired what I care about is them labeling me as a thief when I am not, thats what I care about.
How many times did your cash drawer come up short? And for how much each time?
I understand your concern and I don't blame you. But the fact remains that if they believe you were stealing they are entitled to say so.

Frankly, based on your description of what you were doing I don't blame them for thinking you were stealing. I'm not accusing you; if you say you were not I have no reason to disbelieve you. But an unbiased pair of eyes looking at your description of how you were handling it could easily think you were putting money under the register so that you could take it yourself.

You must be paid for all the time you actually worked. You need not be paid for any time beyond the last day you actually worked.
i know to someone that it would seem that way but if at the end of the night my draw was not short of any cash they how could you say that i was stealing the money thats what i dont understand. I know for a fact that it seems that way but if they dont have any proof of me stealing and my draw didnt come up short after you seen me doing that they what can you say honestly.
I'm not the one saying you were stealing. I'm saying that based on your own description of what you were doing, I can see why someone might think you were.

And you said your drawer WAS short on a couple of occasions. How are they to know why?
Also, it is possible to steal without a drawer coming up short by not recording the transactions on the register, espicially if given correct money. It's not that hard to do and hard to prove you are not doing it. Sorry this happened to you and hopefully you can move on to an even better job and put this behind you.
thank you

I thank you all for the answer I can now understand the situation alittle better. Thank you again. This was just a reality check for me, it was hard to get through it but I am surviving. I acutally want to be a lawyer myself, so if you have any tips or anything I would like to know them. Once again thank you for the answering my questions.
Ok it turns out that the store manager was not aware of what was going on neither was the personnel manager, when I told them what happen they were shocked and looked confused because they didnt know anything about. They asked me to come in and meet with them, because they want to know actually what happen.
Keep us informed of the outcome and good luck!
When I got up there I mat with the store manager and talked with him, he said that he was on vacation when everything happen. I gave him my side of the story and he said that he going to talk to the people I mat with before and call me for we could all have a meeting together to try to resolve this situation. Which would be good cause it would be get this chip off of my shoulder. I keep you guys informed on what happen.
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