Wrongfully accused of theft in workplace.

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I was working last weekend with another employee on the same shift. We had specific instructions to stay on our own registers. He, felt the rules didn't apply to him. The next day, I came on shift and my manager stated there was $270 missing. He asked if I was aware of any problems. I was shocked, but calm thinking something was off in the paperwork. Well, it wasn't so the tapes had to be reviewed. The whole time this was going on, the other employee was never contacted. From Sunday morning until Tuesday morning, I was the only one involved with the situation. Well, the poorly placed cameras show me walking with something in my hand and bending over with it. You then see me walk back and put it in the safe a few seconds later. Employers didnt see it. I am now on suspension pending the investigation along with the other employee. I know they have every right to do this, however, I have been there 6 months with no cash shortages. My co-worker has been there a month and has had a few shortages of $20 or less. I know lie detecter tests are inadmissable in court, however if I offer to take one and even offer to pay for it along with my co-worker, are they allowed to turn me away? I am 5 months pregnant and need this job and planned on being there for a long time. I tried speaking to my employer about this employee having drug dealers coming in and out of the store all that day. He didn't want to hear anything I had to say. I fully understand Florida is a right to work state and that my employer has every right to fire me if he thinks someone stole. What I want to know is, how I can get a copy of the tapes and if it's my right to? I believe this other employee stole this money and my boss was biased from the start. I would like to put this job on my resume and now that is not possible. Do you have any advice as to how I may clear my good name?
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You already answered your own question. They can "legally" fire you for suspicion of theft. Use caution when answering any questions. Who is investigating Mangement or perhaps a Loss Prevention team? Anyways I know someone familar with these type of investigations who may be able to answer some of your questions. Email at address below and I will give that persons contact info

Not only are they not required to give you a polygraph test (even if you offer to take it and to pay for it), they may be prohibited by law from doing so. Federal law prohibits an employer from giving polygraph tests to employees under any but a VERY limited, VERY rigidly controlled set of circumstances.

Rght to work means you can't be forced to join a union to get work. What you mean is employment at will.

It is not your right under the law to see the tapes. IF you want to go to the expense of hiring an attorney AND IF the attorney thinks it wise to/is able to get a subpoena to see them, that's about the only way I can think of that the employer would be required to give you a copy. Or even show them to you.

You can still put the job on your resume - in fact, you should; a gap in employment will cause you more trouble looking for a new job than explaining this situation will be.
I appreciate your comments. I am so frustrated with the situation that I cannot sleep or even eat. I, as most people in these economic times, rely in this job to pay bills and for stability. Now, I'm not even sure I will be able to collect unemployment, which is why I believe they have me on suspension instead of fired. I was looking a bit online and they said I still may be able to get it, however it is unlikely, because of the situation at hand. Do you think I even have a shot at trying or do you know anyone who successfully received it after this kind of problem? If they have no evidence against me and the other employee is taken off of suspension, what kind of action do I need to take?
I don't personally know anyone who has received unemployment in your situation but I don't know anyone who had it denied in your situation either. It can't hurt to apply; the worst that can happen is that you're turned down, in which case you're no worse off than if you didn't file in the first place. There is no penalty for being wrong.
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