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Wrongful Arrearages: Please Help

Discussion in 'Alimony & Spousal Support' started by gatman10, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. gatman10

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    I was railroaded in court by my ex-wifes attorney. I was not represented.
    I have paid 50k in arrearage over 4 yrs. they say i owe another 60K.
    I was living with my ex-wife and children during the time they say i didnt pay the "medical insurance" for the chldren. We were divorced at that time under a marital settlement agreement, however i had a verbal aggreement with my ex-wife that she would pay the med insurance through her work because it was less expensive than mine . also i was giving her my paycheck every 2 weeks at this time...What can i do to have the wage garnishment temporarily stopped/suspended until i can retain good counsel , put a good case together and have this thing terminated ?? desparate and really short on money??

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