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Hubby is being charged with possesion with intent to use a firearm because he was riding in a car that was later stopped and searched by police....there was a gun found in the back seats but my hubby had no knowledge of he gun being there....he has a written statement from the driver stating that he was giving my hubby a ride and my hubby had no knowledge of tge gun being there

He should plead not guilty, make no statements, admissions, or confessions about the matter.
He should not show the written statement to the police, or anyone.
He should not discuss this matter with the police, the other defendants in this case, or the persecutor.
You should do what I suggested for him to do.
He should hire a lawyer, or ask the court to appoint a lawyer to represent him.
Once he has a lawyer, then and only then, he should share the statement with his lawyer.
If he's a convicted felon, there still might be trouble brewing for him.

But, under no conditions should he speak to anyone about this, except his lawyer (when he obtains one)!!!!
If he's in jail, do not discuss his case in person or over the phone.
They record everything said in jails.

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