written termination

No. Any reason you thought the answer might be otherwise?

You would be amazed. There are many people that think such things must be in writing. And certain state agencies and even more non-state agencies (think rental assistance programs) regularly fan the fire of that incorrect belief.

I can't count how many times I've had terminated employees tell me that so and so told them I was required to provide a written document that I had terminated them. My answer was always I will when I receive the UI claim notice from the state and I will be giving it to the state.
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There is a very small handful of states where, upon the employee's WRITTEN request and usually within a very short time window, the employer is required to provide a "service letter" which provides, among other things, the dates of employment and the reason for the termination. Arizona is not one of those states. Neither is mine; neither is PayrollDude's, and if zddoodah is in the state I have always believed him to be in, it is only required there in very limited circumstances for public utility employees only (or at least that was the case when I last was managing employees in that state). I am aware of it only because at a former employer, we had a plant in one of the states where such letters are required for most employees (assuming the written request is made within the appropriate window), and where a large percentage of our employee population were foreign nationals from a country where services letters had a great deal more import than they do here.