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Working for Corp now franchise...How should I play this...time sensitive advice pls!

Discussion in 'Unemployment Insurance & Benefits' started by doctorwho737, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. doctorwho737

    doctorwho737 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    What is the name of your state (Illinois)

    Hello all. First of all thanks for having this resource and thank you in advance for any encouragement or advice.

    I have to add that tomorrow 10-6-11 at 11 AM CST I have this interview so I know it's late but I need help ASAP as my two step kids and a family's well being is at stake.

    Excuse me while I explain with as much detail as possible, hopefully it is all relevant.

    I work for a chain of small stores that franchises the stores from corperate run to franchisees.

    I have worked for the company in various forms for years with no major issues but I should also note I quit working for a franchised store in late August as I thought I was moving out of state but it fell through so I was out of work for one week before I was re-hired by another corperate store in the area.

    I took a pay cut at this time

    I worked at this corpaorate location from the start of September till today 10-5-11, and besides the details described below was told yesterday that this location had been franchised out and would transfer over on the 18th of October of this year.

    Note: I should also explain that I have vericose veins in both legs, a leg ulcer on one and two arthritic ankles. Working for me is harder then ever and my state doctor says I will not be eligible for disability even though I am in pain daily due to the nature of my job. I do have a doctor's note from two years ago I never presented to them that I must take breaks but never used it as at my job there are no breaks as you work alone and cannot sit.

    This is another reason I ma so frightened right now. I have never taken any money from the gov at all including unemployment.

    To continue...

    Tonight the new owner came in and held the first two interviews with corp employees. I called one of them and he said they planned to cut hours and offered no benefits, that the work would get harder and that they wanted HIM to make a decision now...he also said that despite what we were told about having till the 18th under the corporate umbrella he would make cuts to the hours starting this Friday!

    The day before I talked over the phone with the district manager of that area and he stated to me that although he did not control what the state did that I would effectively be 'laid off' by corp..

    However...he also encouraged me to go to the interview tomorrow which I already made a time for tomorrow at 11 CST and also mentioned other corp stores that are far from my area but no guarantee of hours. I have a feeling that both of these were meant to deter me from claiming unemployment benefits.

    I need to know how to handle the interview and what my rights are. I am not trying to get out of working for a living as I said I have never been majorly out of work since I was 18 (I am 33 now and have worked despite my declining health.).

    But working for these people at reduced hours would put a four and seven year old in the streets and unemployment might even make more of income fro me at this point then working for them.

    I am afraid if they try to get me to refuse a job offer that that will effect it as well as the fact that I cannot work another job at a whim due to my health.

    I am a smart man to a degree but never dealt with the gov or unemployment so need to know what to do to protect myself and how to handle the interview tomorrow morning.

    I need to now if refusing a job offer will hurt me...if corp can screw me out of benefits and how to outfox them..I have done everything this company asked of me despite my limitations and feel cheated that this bomb was just dropped on me.

    I hope some one can help before tomorrow..thanks you for your time and advice, I hope it gets here in time.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    My suggestion, take whatever job you're offered.

    Then use the next week or so to sort out your options.

    At first brush, just don't say NO.

    Also recognize this, you may not get a choice.

    They may just terminate you tomorrow.

    Just go, be open, do your best, and see what happens.

    Keep an open mind, then decide over the next 96-120 hours.

    Good luck.

    One more thing, an employer doesn't need a reason to terminate your services.

    You don't need a reason to quit, either.
  3. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    But the employee needs a reason to quit that the UI commission will consider valid, without otherwise disqualifying him for benefits, if he wants to collect.

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