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Wont pay bill - can I sue for my time - and to not go to collections?

Discussion in 'Small Claims & Municipal Court' started by LordX, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. LordX

    LordX Law Topic Starter New Member

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    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? New York

    Hey all - I have a pediatrician that my son goes to.

    My son was born Mid September 2011. The way the insurance policy we had works (it was a Pennsylvania policy from her company which was headquartered there) is that the bills for Sept. were to be charged to my wife until Oct. 1st when my sons name would be on the policy.

    The office did not do that - and they first contacted me on Oct 14th (1 month later) with a $450 unpaid balance.

    They made ME call my insurance company - who then told me how the bill needed to be submitted to the insurance company.

    I then call them back relaying the info (ps - THEY would not call my insurance carrier - even though I gave them the number).

    They said they couldn't do it - I said: I dont know how to help you anymore with this.

    This back and forth goes on for literally months - hours and hours of my time spent.

    Finally I talk with the lady - and she says: We can try sending the bill in the MAIL as opposed to electronically. THIS IS SIX MONTHS LATER!

    Sure enough - the insurance company pays part of the bill as they would have back in September if this had been done.

    I called the office manager there when I got the bill - and said: I have spent over 10 hours doing work that wasn't needed - on something that OBVIOUSLY would have been paid if it was done right the first time by their office.

    The total I owe is $222 roughly. I called the office manager - explained the situation - and told her that I think the bill is a 'wash' since I would charge at least $240 + tax for the work that I have put in.

    She said - That is time the doctors have already spent on you and there is nothing we can do about that.

    Well - MY time has already been spent! On something that was NOT needed!

    My only concern is this: I don't want to simply not pay this and then have it go to collections.......

    What are my options?

    If I tell them that I simply wont pay - they will just send it to collections.....
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You can't make another person do your bidding.
    Will they send your unpaid bill to a debt collector scavenger?
    Probably, they usually do.
    So you either pay up, or end up with dinged up credit.
    Your theory has no legal basis for a quid pro quo.

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