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Why nothing after a two week trial Negligence, Other Injury

Discussion in 'Accidents, Injuries, Negligence' started by C1 fracture, May 15, 2015.

  1. C1 fracture

    C1 fracture Law Topic Starter Guest

    Filed lawsuit in 1/23/13 got knocked off roof by a backhoe! 3/6/12 won case eval they rejected! Tried to settle 4 times for case eval amount they rejected every time! Went to trial 12/02/14--12/12/14 we won all seven jurors for plaintif! Awarded 4.5 times more then case eval!! It is now 5/15/15 and lawyer still has not entered final judgement!?? What do I do?? They have hired appeal attorney, they only have insurance coverage for a quarter of what was awarded?? Do I just take insurance coverage to pay doc bills and lawyer fees? Which leaves me with nothing? My attorney does not communicate with me at this time!!any advice would be appreciated!! Thx
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Sadly you are learning the hard way that prevailing in a lawsuit doesn't mean you'll ever see one, lousy dime.

    I suggest you write your lawyer a letter requesting him or her to contact you to make an appointment.
    Let your lawyer that you'd like to discuss the status of your case in person for about 30 minutes.
    You could also ask your questions in the letter, forget the face to face meeting, and request a written response to your questions.

    There are firms out there that will buy your judgment.
    You won't get the value of the judgment, but you'll receive a written offer detailing how and when you'll be paid.

    Let's say for example your judgment is worth $200,000.
    Such a firm might offer you $100,000, maybe $50,000, hard to say, except it'll always be less.
    But, if they offer to buy your $200,000 judgment for $100,000, you'll have it in your hands within 48-72 hours after the contracts are signed.

    Some companies will collect the judgment for you, for a fee.

    Make sure you use due diligence and investigate the company before signing anything.
    If that interests you, you make the choice, don't let anyone steer you to Company ABC or Company XYZ.

    You can aslo discuss the matter with a couple other attorneys,a nd see if they advise different strategies.

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