Negligence, Other Injury What is the name of the hearing that.....

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My name is (deleted). I live in California and remember reading in some civil law book about a hearing that is designed to tell the person that has questions in regards to the law and what he or she may do. The book I read it in explained that the hearing is where the Judge hears what has happened and judges what has happened to you by telling you that this is the type of law that it is and these are your possible remedies in an A,B,C description. I am looking to hire an attorney and so far all of them has told me that there is no such thing and that no attorney will file for that type of hearing for me. If you would please help me with the name of that hearing I will be extremely grateful. Thank you.
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The law has many hearings.
I've practiced law for decades.
I'm licensed in several states, before the federal courts, military courts, etc...
I've even sat on the bench.
I know of no prescriptive hearings.
Maybe you misunderstood what you read, or the book could have been wrong in its content.
What is it you wish to accomplish or achieve?
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