Criminal Trials, Hearings What happens to transcripts from 1st hearing?

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I hired an attorney for my DUI hearing. He had a girl there recording the transcript. My case was dismissed on a technicality but the police have now refiled it. I can't afford to rehire the attorney and am going to go with a public defender. What happens to the first transcript? Is it available to the PD for the 2nd hearing? The police officer said a few things that were in question the first time and I don't want him to be able to change his statements at the 2nd hearing. Can he change his statements? My hearing is 10/8 !!!
If you requested a transcriber………..which is usually an option you or your lawyer chose to have in a trial, then the transcripts would be made and available once you request it. Courts charge defendants extra when they require a transcriber…………at least that is the case in many states. You can use it in your defense.
Transcripts are public info............anyone can order and get it.
Thank You!

I was able to get a hold of the transcriber and should have the transcript in a few days.
You are welcome...........anytime. keep us posted!
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