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  • I currently purchased a Sofa from a "friend" of ours. I paid her the $500.00, and said I could pick it up on the weekend.
    She wrote out a contract/receipt for the payment of the Sofa.
    It states "Sofa and ottoman must be picked up by 12/22/08, or this receipt is null and void and there will be no refund or delivery of the sofa".
    "In case of emergency and the buyer is not able to pick up the sofa due to fire, buglary, etc then the full $500.00 will be re-imbursed to her no later than 12/22/08."

    I asked her for a Refund because it is before the stated date of 12/22/08, and she will not cooperate or pick up my phone calls. She will only respond in emails saying that if I don't pick it up by Monday the 22nd I am out my money.

    Can she do this? Don't I get my refund if it is before the stated date of 12/22/08?
    I don't know if you read my question yet so I was just checking ~ahudson
    I was pulled over this saturday morning and issued a traffic citation for not stopping at a flashing red light, what is odd about this story is that I had two cars behind me the second car behind me was the officer and the car directly behind me did the same thing I did, but the officer followed me for 0.6 miles and another intersection of traffic lights before he put on his lights to pull me over and the whole way he was driving about 2 feet at the most behind my car, the other odd thing is that tonight my husband was on his way to work and he also ended up with the officer following even closer to the back of his car but did not get pulled over. I took pictures of all the traffic lights and where I was stopped by the officer at and wrote down the street name that I was on when pulled over, and the street name that I was pulled over on was not the same as what is on my ticket, why is this and should I fight this? It really feels like harassment, and I feel like I can't drive anywhere that I live without the worry of constantly being pulled over for some made up thing. ahudson
    50. Illinois does not allow for surrogate child birth as it would impact on the Adoption Act as handed down in the court decision In Re: Baby Richard. Is it true or not?
    44 In the Baby Jessica Case, once the Michigan trial Court ruled in favor of the adoptive parents the arrest warrant in Iowa was nullified. It is not true as I think. Am I right?
    My husband is on 2 different probations. Last year he had 1 of his probations revoked for not following the release agreement by not seeing his PO and a few other things. He spent over 3 months in jail and when he got out he thought that he was completely done with jail time. He has since followed all his rules of probation and has done very well until the other day he was arrested for a warrant out of the same county for the same charges as the year before , the only difference is that they are trying to violate a different probation, not the one that was revoked. So my question is, is this legal? Isn't it double jeopardy and shouldn't the court have brought up the issue of the other probation in the same hearing as before? How can they wait a year before issuing a warrant when he was sitting in their jail when the charge against that probation was originally documented. Help I need my hubby home before Christmas!
    Hello mafioso,

    I stay in New Jersey. This incident happened in April 2007. I was a student(F1 visa) at that time and I was I caught for shoplifting in New York City. I was taken to local police station and fingerprinted. I was taken to Municipal Court where I plead guilty and the judge charged me with Class A Misdemeanor. I was charged some fine and told to do 3 days of community service. The judge also told that if I remain clean for the next 6 months, my records would be sealed.

    I completed the community service and paid the fine. I have remained clean since that incident happened.

    Later, I graduated in Dec 2007 and I'm currently working on OPT(F1 visa) now. Next year(2009), my company would be applying for H1-B visa.

    While applying for H1-B visa, I believe I should answer "yes" to the question "Have you have been arrested or convicted?" in the visa application.

    I had been the NYC court today, where I was charged in 2007. They told me that my case has been sealed and dismissed. I got a copy of "certificate of disposition" also. I looked under it and under arraignment charges, it says PL 155.25 AM PL 165.40 AM.

    I did not serve any jail time. Can you please let me know if I qualify for petty offense exception or can you please tell me where I can find out about the maximum penalty possible for my offense.

    I'm in great distress about this matter. I would like to know what is the procedure that I should follow with this issue. Will this be a problem of any sort for me to get H1-B visa next year? Will I face any other issues when I apply for H1-B visa?

    Should I talk to my company lawyer when filling the application, because he is the one who does the paperwork for H1-B visa.

    mafioso, can you please please help me out in any possible way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    I Went To A New Car Dealership To See If I Can Get Financed For A New Car. I Needed To Trade In My Current Car Because It Is Junk And I Owe Way More Than It Is Worth. To Make A Very Long Story Short, The Sales Manager Told Me No On The Trade, But I Could Turn My Current Car Back Over To The Buy Here Pay Here And Risk No Repo To My Nor My Co-signers Credit Because They Are Not Reporting Any Payments I've Made To The Credit Bureau And The Car Is In House "mouse House" Financed. So My Questions Are:

    1) What Is In House "mouse House" Financing?

    2) Will There Be Any Repo Or Negitive Actions To The Credit Of Myself Or The Co-signer Of My Current Car If I Turn It In?

    Thank You For Your Help.
    I am lienholder on a vehicle my husband and I purchased for our son to drive. He apparently has sold the vehicle even though we have the title. We were contacted via Certified Mail yesterday by the new owners wanting us to sign over the vehicle to them. We did not report the vehicle stolen because we did not want our son getting into trouble with the law and he is now missing in action, we don't know where he lives and no phone numbers. What would be the appropriate next step? We want our vehicale back and the new owners "refuse" saying they paid for it. Help?
    I Was Fired Because Had Two Fractured Ribs And Pneumonia Both Of Which Occurred Because Of Work And Was Unable To Work One Shift I Was Scheduled For. I Have Doctor's Authorization For My Injuries. I Recieved No Letter Of Terinmation, Not Even A Phone Call: I Had To Learn This Through The Bookkeeper. Do I Pursue Wrongful Termination, Workmans Comp, Sdi, Or All Three.
    Auto Dealer Fraud


    I purchased a "dealer new" car in January of this year in the state of Indiana. I have had numerous problems with the car, and they continue to this day. Today, I discovered that the car had been in an accident before I purchased it. This was never disclosed to me by the dealership.

    I am the first owner, and I paid for a new car. What I got was a used car that had been in an accident.

    I would like to return the car to the dealership, and have the auto loan voided. Is this possible?
    Pleasant morning, I am in the state of massachussetts U.S.A, how is it possible to remove my name from a car loan that I signed with a friend who made a verbal agreement to refinance and have loan in their name in six months? It is now over 10 months and this has not being done. I am told his credit is not good. The car title is in both our name.
    I posted a bond for my friend a couple years ago and he was released, however the case for which the bond was posted got terminated last year because he has a prior case pending of which he appealled to High Court and currently awaiting a decision. Can I apply for a refund of the bond since the case related to the bond has terminated? If so, do I need an attorney or can I apply on my own if I have the bond receipt and bond agreement? How do I apply or where can I go for more information?

    I was wondering if you can answer a question for me
    In 1999 I got busted stealing $20 worth of clothes. I never went to jail but was fingerprinted in the back room of the store. Was told it was a 1st degree misdem. Paid my fine.
    I went to court, was in a room with 20 other kids & we all got our community service papers at once. I did my community service.
    Will this be on my record 8 years later?? Was it a REAL conviction? How far back do common employers go back on a background check?
    I purchased a used veheicle and bought the extended warranty. Last March the transmission went out. I called the dealership and they said the warranty was expired. They quoted me a way to expensive quote for repair. So i had the work done some where else. As of today I have another issue and when I called the service department this time they told me that my warranty was still valid. After speaking to the service department manager and explaining to him what happened in March he said he would take the matter to his boss. Do I have a law suit pending if they do not reimburse me the cost of the transmission repair??????
    Hi, I recently sold a motorcycle, my buyer had issues with it, and now is sueing me for a ridiculous repair cost, even though I offered to help him fix it for 1/4 the price the shop quoted him. After he took ownership he had mechanical difficulties, crashed the bike due to his own negligence(not directly because of the aforementioned mechanical issues), had the estimate for damage done after the crash, and after he had had ownership for a week. My full story is listed under the "small claims" category. Any help with advice on where I stand legally is appreciated. Thank you.
    MY brother was charged in 2002 felony theft $500.00 plus,and he got PBJ for 12 months and fine.after then no other charge. now 6 years has been passed, can he apply the citizenship.
    I am a 30 year old woman living in South Asia and I have a legal problem which may bar me from obtaining a US Tourist Visa.

    In 1996 I was charged with shoplifting in Michigan. I had just turned 18 years old and I took an item worth less than 100 dollars. I was fingerprinted, but was told not to worry as my crime would not be kept on record, if I met all the requirements.

    I went to the court and the judge said, as it was my first crime, I would need to do community service and pay 100 dollars. However, the problem was that my family and I moved back to my home country, and ultimately I was unable to carry out the community service and also did not pay the 100 dollars.

    Since 1996, I have moved back to my home country (in South Asia), graduated from university and have been working at an international organization for 5 years.

    I would like to apply for a US tourist visa, but am afraid I may be refused because of my prior shoplifting charge. I would like to know the best procedure in applying for the Visa.

    1. Will I be refused a USA Tourist visa because of a criminal record as minor as shoplifting 12 years ago?

    2. I do not have much information of the shoplifting charge, as I cannot remember any of the details. I never received any letters from the court afterwards, likely because I had left the country.

    4. May I go ahead and apply for the Tourist Visa to America and tick NO, for criminal convictions. Is this very risky?

    5. If I am issued a tourist visa, is there a possibility I would be stopped at passport control once I arrive in America?

    I have excellent academic and employment records, and I am very worried of the consequences to follow. I would like to resolve this as best as possible and I don't want things to spiral from bad to worse.

    I look forward to your advice.

    Thank you.
    I have a question. I live in Cedar Falls, IA and a couple nights ago I recieved a public intoxication blowing .389 b.a.c. in the field. I refused to blow in the station. Then also recieved a 5th degree criminal mischief for punching out a window at a bar. I have talked to the manager of the bar and I will pay for it. I have decided to plead guilty to both tickets. Would you recommend a lawyer? How much in fines do you think fines wise im looking at? And will there be any other immediate consequences from the court? Please help me I need pointed in a direction. Thank you.
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