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  • Not sure what a Mouse house financing is-- I would think this is just a buy here payhere program from the dealership--

    I would contact them to see what they would do itf yoiu did turn them in-- If you signed a contract they can do everythign they want to in the contract, Just because they are no reporting it to the credit agency does not mean anything

    Unless this new person you are talking to works for the same car lot - I would get It in writting definatly even if the car lot tells you everything will be fine GET IT IN WRITING-- I really think they will @least hit your credit -- but maybe not--
    If I understand correctly, the vehicle that you owe money on was purchased at a "buy here pay here" dealership. Based on your credit bureau, it doesn't look like this buy-here-pay-here dealer is reporting. Therefore, if you don't pay off the car, there's little chance that your credit will be damaged.

    Basically this is correct. I've given this advice myself. However, here's what you should know:

    - If its only been a couple of months that you've been making payments, it may not show up on your bureau yet.

    - If the buy-here-pay-here dealer isn't reporting payments, that doesn't mean that they won't file a collection against you when you fail to pay.

    My advice would be to try a couple of things. First, call the place you bought the car and tell them you need to negotiate the payoff. Tell them you're willing to settle your debt, but that you will only do it for a big discount from your payoff. Explain to them that you will let them repo the car before you'll pay the full amount.

    If the buy-here dealer isn't willing to negotiate the payoff, it's up to you. I would let it go back to them and buy the car from the new car dealer. You can always fight the collection if and/or when it comes.
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