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  • Baystate girl is a jerk I cant believe how rude she is being to that guy needing assistance. You were correct cbg makes me want to puke with her " moderator hat" that moderator hat needs removing right quick.

    I Went To A New Car Dealership To See If I Can Get Financed For A New Car. I Needed To Trade In My Current Car Because It Is Junk And I Owe Way More Than It Is Worth. To Make A Very Long Story Short, The Sales Manager Told Me No On The Trade, But I Could Turn My Current Car Back Over To The Buy Here Pay Here And Risk No Repo To My Nor My Co-signers Credit Because They Are Not Reporting Any Payments I've Made To The Credit Bureau And The Car Is In House "mouse House" Financed. So My Questions Are:

    1) What Is In House "mouse House" Financing?

    2) Will There Be Any Repo Or Negitive Actions To The Credit Of Myself Or The Co-signer Of My Current Car If I Turn It In?

    Thank You For Your Help.
    I would really challenge this because no minor can enter into a legal binding contract with out parent consent-- he is a minor and a checking account is a legal binding contract if he goes and racks up 1500$ in fees he can not be held liable, I would talk to the branch manager or even the collection manager or a VP and I would get a copy of the contract he signed
    Hi Theresagail,
    I posted a message about my 17 yr. old son who opened a checking account a few days ago. We just returned from the bank where we were informed that it was perfectly legal to open an account to people as young as 16 and that "All the banks are doing it now." If he cannot pay these charges, he will be in the "checksystem" for the next 7 years, and unable to have a bank account during that time. Is there anything that we can do? Thanks for your help. Bobbie
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