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My husband and I are victims of malicious intent by "former" friends. After my husband was asked to come by their home to discuss a matter of different opinions, my husband was physically attacked by the male individual with weapons in hand. My husband defended himself, also using force by hand. Later he was arrested for trespassing and assault w/deadly weapon. I bailed him out, only to act out the next day. He was angry for being set up, incarcerated and betrayed by his business partner and friend. His anger lead him into the house grabbing his pistol and pointing it safely above his head, aiming in the air and firing 6 shots within our yard. Our "friends" and also neighbors (3 houses down) heard the gun shots. Maliciously acted by calling the cops falsely stating that he had went to their house, stood 10 ft from her pointing the gun at her and fired shots towards her attempting to shoot & kill her. Yet, unharmed and not one bullet was found at her residence, nor did my husband never leave our property. which was later confirmed by our security cameras and witnesses. Swat came and put 7 people (family) at our home in cuffs and held us for 6+ hours in extreme heat even after getting the gun for authorities willingly. All persons involved, informed law enforcement of the preposterous lies; insisting that our video surveillance would clear his name. Ignoring our plea for mercy he was brutality forced into the car and wrongfully arrested. On his 10th day in jail our tax records were submitted to verify our financial short comings for a defense. However, my husband did not waive his 10 days and still spent a total of 27 days in jail for attempted murder before proven innocent by our own security system. The sheriffs also continued to search our home for at least 8-10 hours before a warrant was signed forcing me to vacate my home. Taking our tax records, firearms etc., cutting down our medicinal cannabis (which was within the legal limits), also Mistreating my in-laws ( one of which is wheelchair bound) and violated our civil rights and more. This was Oct. 2012, and he still has not been charged. Yet, the sheriffs still obtain all our possessions( computers, etc.) While the real criminals, committed perjury ,stole, and maliciously hurt my family financially and emotionally & deceivingly betrayed the courts, they remain free of charges. They have failed to appear at court multiple times. How is this possible? Who will make this right? Innocent and still being badgered by local authorities? Both individuals are multiple felons in Alaska & CA. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? We are victims & still being punished by the DA. I want our things back and compensation for wrongful imprisonment, loss of our medical 215's and legal recourse against those liars. All branches of government have failed us so far. My husband now is being treated for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. How do we even begin to address this unconstitutional and devastating event? Help....We've been violated.
Firing a weapon in a residential setting, quite disturbing.

I suggest you work with his lawyer.

This website can't help him.

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