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Hello there!

Few months ago I've sent an email to the company [X] (EU-28 member countries) and asked them if they are hiring. A week later I received an email from their MD with a simple request to provide him with my CV, relevant certificates (e.g. CFA) and scans of my graduate diploma. Afterwards, I did not hear from them and thought they are not interested in my profile - actually, I have completely forgotten about them. In the last 3 days things get a little bit odd. I received emails from my professors and past employers notifying me that this company [X] contacted them and requested my references and other relevant information.

I don't feel comfortable by the fact that some people are actually checking my background without my consent.
a.) Can I take any legal action against them?
b.) How can I stop them doing this?
c.) Why are they doing some kind of due dil. on my background if they are not hiring? (is this legal?)
d.) Since they did not inform me about the usage and storage of my personal data can I request a complete removal of my data from their databases?
This website discusses the laws of the USA only, sorry.
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